The Value of Pokemon Cards and Why You Should Have Them


If you have rare Pokemon cards, you should know how valuable they are because they can be sold for a lot of money. The old and rarest pieces will have thousands of dollars but you also need to take time to find them. Collecting these cards has been popular for several years already and there thousands of these cards available for you to have. It is pretty easy to get hold of some of the most common cards because there are plenty of websites that sell them. However, buying and owning the rare cards is like having blocks of gold because they are also very expensive.

Most of these cards have symbols that indicate how rare they are. For instance, majority of these cards have a small star, diamond or circle as their symbol. The star indicates the rarest piece while the circle is for the most common. Some older sets of have the same symbols also but they are white in color, which makes them even harder to find because of their age. If you see three stars, it means that it is an ultra rare card and it is usually inserted randomly into booster packs. Also, you can find promotional cards or promo cards as they are often called. They are not sold in stores and were only available for special occasions like the release of the movie, included in magazines, or given out at events or tournaments.

Through the years, there have been almost 30 different sets of Pokemon cards released. The base set began in 1996 and it contains one hundred and two cards. It was also the first complete set ever produced and contained several of the original Pokemon as well as the original energy cards.

No one exactly knows the highest value of a Pokemon card that has been sold for because most of the deals take place behind closed doors. The highest price for a card that has been sold several years ago on eBay is a whopping $22,000 for a Pokemon Pikachu Illustrator.

The value of Pokemon cards greatly depends on their condition. You can make more money if you card is in better condition. If your wow cards have been professionally graded, it will have even more value but it is also quite expensive to have them graded. Other factors that affect the card value will be the number of cards produced, the type of card – tournament, promo, etc., and the most important thing is how much someone is willing to pay for it.

The Value of Pokemon Cards and Why You Should Have Them

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